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Krushna Bhanage

DevOps Engineer

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I am a cloud and DevOps engineer with 3.5+ years of experience, skilled in cloud services using Azure. Apart from my work, I enjoy exploring the latest advancements in automobiles and tinkering with cars. With a passion for technology and attention to detail, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in my field. As a team player, I enjoy collaborating with others to solve complex problems and achieve common goals. My diverse set of interests and skills makes me a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective.

Personal Projects

DEVOPS Project: Dotnet app Deployement to Docker/Kubernetes using Jenkins pipeline. CI-CD, C#, Docker, K8S

An examle Dotnet application with dockerfile, which can be used deployed to Docker, Kubernetes using given manifests.

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DEVOPS Project: Deploying Java based Shuttle web application to Docker/Kubernetes using Jenkins pipeline. CD-CD, Java, Docker, MySQL, K8S

MyShuttle is a sample Java/JEE application that provides booking system, admin portal and a control system for the drivers. The application uses entirely open source software including Linux, Java, Apache, and MySQL which creates a web front end, an order service, and an integration service. This application can deployed to Docker-Compose and K8S as well. The manifests are under /kubernetes folder..

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DEVOPS Project: Deploying Python(flask framework) based Blog application to Docker/Kubernetes using Jenkins pipeline. CI-CD, Python, Flaskdb, Docker, K8S

A python flask sample Blogging web application, with account, authentication functionalities using flaskdb and required manifests, can deployed to Docker-Compose and Kubernetes as well.

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Work Experience

DevOps Engineer - Newvision Software (2019 - 2022)

Currently working as DevOps Engineer on Azure DevOps platform, Implementing CI CD with azure pipelines for build and release automation. Working knowledge on AKS cluster deployments, logs and troubleshooting. Experienced in creation of AKS clusters and configuring them to make production ready. Hands on azure repos for git based SCM. Working knowledge on terraform for azure infra deployments, imports and configuration, as well on Azure Bicep for creation of Infra on azure. Managing project activities and tasks with Azure Boards, Utilizing terraform for azure infra deployments.

Associate Software Engineer(Cloud) - Accenture (Feb2020 - Oct2021)

Worked as Cloud Engineer on azure cloud platform. Experienced in managing, Improving, and monitoring cloud Infrastructure on Azure. Deploying/configuring VM, monitoring Health, including Backups and security. Implemented and managed Jenkins pipelines for application and infra deployments. Hands on experience in Installing, maintaining, changing the Configuration of the servers using ansible playbooks and experience of Unix/Linux administration. Installation, patches and basic level troubleshooting on production, testing and development stage RHEL and Suse and Ubuntu systems. Performed day-to-day jobs such as performance, monitoring log files, writing and running the scripts to automatically watch the resources, CPU, memory, I/O with Internal documentation, tickets and change management.

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